Majbritt Mørk (DEN)

Majbritt Mørk



Majbritt is a very engaged teacher and is both present and lively in her way of communication. She has a special way of engaging everybody.

Her approach to the teaching is filled with great activities, reflections, and she connects the theories to swimming with examples and everyday situations, which is easy for you to use. She is how every very geeky in neurologic and children’s development. Her sharp eye will have an eye on children who needs support.

Majbritt Runs a swim school with 500 members, with children in the age of 0 – 5 years. This swim school specialize in small children and the relation between parent and children. She is also helping children who has sensory integration dysfunction, who is challenged in their everyday life. She makes training programs for these children. She connects the sensory integration and swimming by stimulate to prober movements in the water, and have an eye for children who have difficulties in making the right movement.

The music will connect the swimming and motoric part the music and the movement will stimulate and support to higher brain activity that way SING AND SWIM.

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