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January 12-15, 2023

Scandic Star Hotel
Glimmervägen 5,
224 78 Lund

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We are happy to welcome you to the 6th World Aquatic Development Conference in Lund, Sweden between 12th-15th January 2023. 

To download a invitation with updated speakers please click here: Invitation WADC 2023

Time Schedule

Our timeschedule is still changing as we add speakers to the program. We will keep the start and end of the conference the same so you can book your tickets to the conference.

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With our app you can always stay on top of what is happening at the conference. You will get updates, schedule and news right in your mobile device.

Get New Friends

Meeting new friends at our conference is very easy. In 2020 we had 23 countries attend and more 350 coaches and speakers. With small events like “matchmaking” and “openstage” you can always find interesting cooperations.

Meet Our Speakers



Our goal is to bring in thought provocative speakers with the intention to develop swimming. Our WADC 2023 mix of scientists, swimmers and coaches from all over the world has a reputation to think outside the “box” and create their own path to success. We are just starting to look for speakers and if you are interested in speaking at our conference, please send us an abstract or idea of what you would like to talk about.

To download a invitation with updated speakers 2023 use the Flipbook and press download under settings

Day 1 , January 12th, 2023

Prepare your mind

Our first day is for our competitive coaches. This will set the tone of the conference and we will get some things to think about during the rest of the weekend.


12:00-13:00 Registration
13:00-13:30 Welcome and information
13:30-14:20 Doug Wharam
  The starting Blocks
14:30-15:20 Eva Piatrikova
  Challences to 3Ps in competitive Swimming
15:50-16:40 Tom Rushton
  My Coaching Journey (so far)
16:50-17:40 Adrian Radulescu
  Behavior and periodization
17:40-18:00 Q & A
19:00- Dinner (need to be pre-booked)
Day 2 , January 13th, 2023

First day all together

This is the day when we all meet up, Competitive Coaches and Learn To Swim. What is the culture and the quality that we are trying to achieve or change?


08:30-09:30 Abstract presentation 08:30-10:00 Registration
  Torsten Buhrè, Carl Peterson, Marec Polac, Deniz Hekmaki    
10:00-10:15 Opening Ceremony 10:00-10:15 Opening Ceremony
10:15-11:00 Jim Pawelczyk & Milton Nelms 10:45-11:30 Jim Pawelczyk & Milton Nelms
  Bill Boomer and the
Evolution of Aquatic
  Bill Boomer and the
Evolution of Aquatic
11:15-12:05 Torsten Buhrè 11:15-12:05 Torsten Buhrè
  Coach to make a difference   Coach to make a difference
13:00-13:50 Adrian Radulescu
13:00-13:50 John Mogensen
  Could Stoic Philosophers Swim?   What does drowning look like?
14:00-14:50 Craig Lord 14:00-14:50 Andrea Andrews
  FINA reform – how is it going and why should the coach care?   Minding the empathy gap: Reflecting upon the role of curiosity in Learn-To-Swim and Drowning Prevention.
15:20-16:10 Eva Piatrikova 15:20-15:50 Abstract Presentations
  Practical solution to effective 3Ps in competitive swimming   Robert K. Stallman
Katarina Scarpin
Carlos Santos
16:20-17:10 Adrian Radulescu 16:00-16:50 Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg
  Age-Group Coaching – the link between private endeavors and national results   Ocytocin, calmness, tranquility and well-being grom being in the water
17:15-17:45 Panel 17:00-17:50 Jo Wilson
      Aqua Sensory – why now?
19:30- Dinner (Needs to be pre-booked)
Day 3 , January 14th, 2023

The Banquette Day

After a great day of lectures it is time for our Banquette, last time we had magic and music, what will it be this year?


08:30-10:15 Håkan Larsson & Gunn Nyberg 08:30-10:15 Håkan Larsson & Gunn Nyberg
  Movement Learning as kinesiocultural exploration   Movement Learning as kinesiocultural exploration
10:45-11:35 Eva Piatrikova 10:45-11:35 Hilde Elise Hansen/Peter Petterson
  Case studies and Q&A  

Movement in water – more than swimming. 

Experiences from Nelms Method

11:45-12:35 Jim Pawelczyk 11:45-12:30 Andrea Andrews

Is Breathing Fashionable or Primal?

  Taking our aquatic curiosity outside: Exploring the hidden role of disgust, trust & the safe development of inner respect.
13:30-14:15 Doug Wharam 13:30-14:20 John Mogensen
  Managing the group   Gribskov Family Swimming – a life full of water. A different way of doing things
14:30-15:20 Craig Lord 14:30-15:20 Jo Wilson

Men, Women, Open and Inclusive – why swimming needed a new category and how female swimmers had to fight for Fair Play

  Sensory Aware –
The benefits for swim
15:50-16:40 Tom Rushton 15:50-16:50 Abstract Presentations
  What are the not so obvious differences between age-grop athletes and professionals?  

Torill Hindmarch
Ray Lau
Lillan Madsen
Carlos Santos
Kian Vanluyten
Maria Jäger

16:50-17:30 Q & A 17:00-17:45 Dagmar Dahl
      It was cold but beautiful – the fascination and benefits of cold water swimming for young and old.
19:30- Banquet (Needs to be pre-booked)
Day 4 , January 15th, 2023

Tie it all up

Our last day and it is time to tie up all the lose ends. As we bid farwell we will have some questions for you to answer when you get back home.


09:00-09:50 Katarina Stending Ehrenborg 09:00-09:50 Andrea Andrews

Swimmers heart and Athletes heart – is there a difference?

  Are we providing enough 3D experiences in our Learn to Swim approches?
10:00-10:50 Jim Pawelczyk 10:00-10:50 Jo Wilson

Making the “Q graph” accessible to everyone

  Sensory takeaways. A few of our favorite activities. Parent messages
11:20-12:10 Tom Rushton
11:20-12:10 John Mogensen
  How to make understand what the heck sport scientist are talking about  

Retention time of Water competencies

13:00-13:45 Doug Wharam 13:00-13:45 Panel
  The Finish Line   Jo Wilson
Andrea Andrews
John Mogensen
Milton Nelms
Hilde Elise Hansen
14:00-14:30 TBA
14:30-15:00 Thank You and Evaluation
15:00 Coffee To Go


  • “My teammates and I were so glad to attend WADC from 2012 to 2020. In those conferences, many presentations and stories from those great speakers always inspired us with their unique perspective and passion. From then, those new ideas were inputted into my swimming programs. By attending Brainswim training with theory and practice’s sessions , other than skill learning, it really helped us to identify the core value of teaching and to setup a roadmap for future development. Last but not least, we made a good network with those participants from all over the world and we had time to share valuable experience from each other. I highly recommend instructors to attend WADC 2020 and hope to meet you there. Cheers!”

    Ray Cheng
    CEO Of Onkel Ray Swimschool
  • “Lambertseter Swimclub is one of the biggest swimming clubs in Norway with 3200 members. It is a non-profit organization, as most of the swim clubs and swim schools in are in Norway. We are a swim club with high ambitions in sport and organizational. We came to WADC 2018 because we have a focus on education and continuous competence refills. In addition, we look at WADC as a good social arena for us, and also a possibility to extend our network within swimming”.
    Lambertseter Swimclub from Oslo, Norway came to WADC 2018 with 7 participants. At the picture you see Kjersti, Anette and Caroline.


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Posters and Abstracts

Abstract and Posters

World Aquatic Development Conference (WADC) 2023 is open up for the possibilities to present a scientific research or a presentation of applied practice, like experiences from a project, developing an education, presenting your swim club or swim school.


WADC take place in Lund, Sweden between 12th-15th January 2023. WADC 2023 will consists of two different tracks, Competitive swimming and Learn to Swim. Competitive Swimming will start Thursday the 12th January at 13.00 and end Sunday the 15th January at 15.00. Learn to swim will start Friday the 13th January at 09.00, and end Sunday the 15th at 15.00. At WADC you get a unique possibility to extend your network of swimming, get new knowledge, new ideas and get inspired by speakers and by meeting other participants. We will have interesting speakers, workshops, discussions, exhibitors and lot of possibilities to meet new colleagues of swimming.

WADC was first organized in 2012, and is a biannual conference which is now one of the largest swimming conferences in Europe.  The conference is organized by Swedish Center for Aquatic Research, a non-profit organization. The conference has a mix of scientists, coaches and athletes that share their experiences. Past speakers have included David Salo, coach at USC, Jon Rudd, coach of Ruta Meilutyte, Great Britain coach of the year Patrick Miley, swimming legend and Phd. Shane Gould, and head Olympic coach from the USA, Teri McKeever, who has coached swimmers to 17 Olympic medals. Athletes as Dana Vollmer and Allison Wagner has spoken. Dr. Joan Duda,  Dr. Gunnar Breivik, Dr John Hoberman, Dr. Marte Berntzen is some of the scientist who has presented during the years.


Abstracts must be submitted in English with a maximum of 750 words. The abstract should describe an original scientific work or your own applied practice. The abstract must include the title of your abstract and speak, authors name and e-mail. It must be the author of the abstract who speak at WADC.

We will offer between 10 – 45 minutes presentation.


The presenting authors who have an abstract or posters accepted will have to register with the conference to confirm their presentation. Presenters will be offered a reduction of 500 SEK for the registration fee (original price, not based on earlybird price). If the authors fail to register the abstract, poster and the presentation will be deleted from the final program.


Applied practice. An applied practice presentation is an opportunity to share findings from applied practice. The presentation could include findings from or reflections on applied work. These sessions should be particularly useful for practitioners and those members on supervised experience and/or seeking re-/accreditation. The aim of such abstracts is to allow practitioners to broadcast evidenced-based practice. Authors are encouraged to explain how the results of the work have contributed to knowledge and practice in the field.


All posters must be written entirely in English

  • Authors are responsible for setting up and removing their posters
  • Materials to pin the posters will be provided
  • Maximum size 119 cm high and 84 cm wide
  • Handwritten posters are not accepted
  • A poster printed on 1 large sheet is welcome
  • Text must be easily readable at a 1.5 m distance


Deadlines to send in abstract and posters is 1st September 2022. Send in to:

Read more about WADC at our website:


WADC can occasionally accept abstracts after the deadline has passed – potential submissions will be judged on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.

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Contact us

Phone: +46(0)462740061


Venue and Hotel

Scandic Star, Glimmervägen 5, 22478, Lund, Sweden +46 (0) 46-285 25 00 For room reservation use code: “BWOR110123” and use the following webpage to make your reservation &


Lund is located in Southern part of Sweden, close to Malmö and Copenhagen (Denmark).

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (also known as Kastrup) in Denmark. The journey time by train from the airport to Lund is about 35 min. Check tickets now, many airlines, like SAS and Norwegian, have campaigns right now – that can give you cheaper tickets.

The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Sturup. It has some international flights from destination within Europe and flights from other Swedish airport including Stockholm. There is buss connection between Malmö Airport and Lund, or you can get a taxi.

Lund is located on the main railway line from Malmö to several different destinations as Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg.To book ticket or find more information please visit

There are car and passenger ferry connection to southern Sweden from Germany with Scandlines and TT-lines and from Poland with Polferies. There is also connection via Denmark from Gernamy and UK.

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